54 International Poker cards

Introducing Alpinist54, an artistic-historic project in a playing card format that is an invitation to enter the world of adventure.

Players immerse themselves in the exciting world via artistic representations of: historic explorations of land, sea, and outer space expeditions to mountains of more than 8000m (26,250 ft) in elevation. The breathtaking worlds of rock climbing and classic mountaineering.

Very extensive information that is appreciated in the cards of the game. In total more than 50 pencil and Chinese ink drawings are included in the deck. These are hand-drawn, and are high-definition, professional quality drawings, framed in a romantic style.

Alpinist54 unites the essence of mountaineering and adventure in a unique new way that will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

  • A deck of standard playing cards with the suits of the deck differentiated by theme (mountaineering/diamonds, rock climbing/hearts, expeditions above 8000m/spades, exploration in various realms/clubs)
  • Twenty historic personalities who have made great achievements in the history of mountaineering, rock climbing, adventure and exploration (e.g., R.Messner, W.Bonatti, R.Amundsen, J.Cousteau…)
  • Mountains and other noteworthy places where world-famous routes were established or explored (e.g., Everest, K-2, Eiger, Antarctica…)
  • Examples of technical tools and materials used at the time of exploits (e.g., pitons, ice screws, navigational instruments…)
  • Informative tables that encompass more than five centuries of human exploration and outdoor adventure (e.g., The Northwest Passage, UIAA and YDS table, summaries of notable maritime expeditions, winter expeditions…)
  • A list of the more than 200 references used in hand illustrating the 52 cards and 2 jokers